Learning Italian might not automatically spring to mind as one of the most globally popular academic pursuits. But that doesn’t mean the Italian language is lagging behind. Far from it.

“Italian follows English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese in the rankings of most popular languages among students”, explained Catherine Edwards of Italian information site, The Local. “But while the top three can boast hundreds of millions of speakers and have clear CV-boosting potential, the appeal of Italian is somewhat less obvious.” 

That said, the allure of learning Italian is potent enough to make it the fourth most sought-after language.  And there are many and varied reasons why.

What’s So Bella About Learning Italian? 

  • Arts & Culture – From the classicism of ancient Rome to the haute couture of Milan, from Garda’s lake, Pisa’s leaning tower and Da Vinci’s code, Italy’s cultural heritage is rich and unparalleled. The Bocconi, Politecnico and La Sapienza Universities rank amongst the most highly respected academic institutions in the world, alongside the likes of Oxford, Cambridge and American Ivy League Universities. It’s no wonder that learning Italian is such an enthralling proposition, for academic pursuits, or the sheer thrill of reading Dante’s Inferno in its native language.
  • Career Advancement – Learning Italian isn’t just for people who are intending to live and work in Italy. It amplifies your employability anyway, because having another language on your CV sets you apart from the crowd. It’s more than a soft skill. It’s an asset.
  • Leisure & Tourism – Italy is the third most popular European tourist destination, after France and Spain. And coincidentally, it’s got the greatest volume of food related words, too! So, learning Italian might be high on the menu if you’re lucky enough to be planning some dolce vita time. Even if you’re only going for a short holiday, it’s still worth getting the basics under your belt for getting around attractions, bars, restaurants and shops.


At La Academia, we’re pleased to announce a brand-new exclusive Beginner’s Italian course, limited to just four students. Get in touch now to secure your place to learn this enthralling language.

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Love, food and music: Why Italian is now the world’s fourth most studied language, Catherine Edwards, The Local