It’s never been so smoking red hot to learn Spanish in Manchester for multiple reasons. The northern metropolis has been dubbed ‘Britain’s city of languages’. And Spain is just over 2.5 hours away by air. With affordable flights taking off from Manchester International Airport multiple times per day, it’s as convenient as hopping on a train.

That’s two very good reasons why for enthusiasm levels to learn Spanish in Manchester skyrocketing –

1 Easy Accessibility
2 Love of Languages

In fact, there are many reasons for the enduing Mancunian love affair with the Spanish language. A third one is super important and sometimes overlooked.

When You Learn Spanish in Manchester, You’re Learning from the Best of the Best

3 Unparalleled Language Schools

In addition to a highly well thought of red brick university, Manchester is also home to some of the finest language schools in the country, such as award winning La Academia.

Hundreds of students of all ages learn Spanish in Manchester at La Academia every year. Their Spanish courses are so popular they’re practically on rotation, selling out time after time.

Notable forthcoming new courses in April 2022 offer students across different generations the opportunity to excel at Spanish –

  • Special Crash Revision Course for GCSE Spanish (maximum 10 students)

Wednesday 6th April at 10.00am – 12.00pm – Speaking Booster
Thursday 7th April at 10.00am – 12.00pm – Reading and Listening Booster
Wednesday 1st June at 10.00am – 12.00pm – Writing Booster
This special course will be taught by AQA-experienced Allyson Turpin
Price @ £55.00 for all three sessions

  • New Spanish Course for Adult Beginners

Thursday 28th April for six consecutive weeks at 7.00-9.00pm
£100.00 for the entire 12-hour course

Amamda Macias explained to The Independent why it’s highly likely these courses will also be quick sell-outs. She said, “The British Council’s Languages of the Future report ranks non-English languages in order of importance for British citizens to learn, based on a thorough analysis of cultural, economical and diplomatic factors. Spanish topped the list, followed by Arabic, French and Mandarin.

“If the home territory of the English language – which is located just miles from France and which doesn’t even have that many Spanish-speaking immigrants – has decided that Spanish is the best second language, then who are we to argue?”


At La Academia, we couldn’t agree more. We’re experts in helping students of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn Spanish in Manchester  for business, education or pleasure.

Six reasons why everyone should learn Español, Amanda Macias, The Independent