It’s not the slightest unusual for adult students to automatically assume learning a new language is a long, hard uphill struggle.

You think the kids will put you to shame. They’re still in their formative years. So, you reckon their brains are nimbler and more adaptable for learning a new language and slotting it in to their everyday vocabulary alongside their native tongue.

In some respects, you’re absolutely correct. These are perfectly valid reasons why learning a new language can come naturally to children.

But there are also valid reasons why learning a new language in adulthood isn’t as much like pulling teeth as much as you might have convinced yourself.

What Factors Accelerate Learning a New Language for Adult Students?

The Language Institute Regina Coeli told I Am Expat, “You wouldn’t expect it, but as an adult, you can pick up foreign languages faster than children.”

The reasons for this fortuitous advantage include –

  • Cognitive Maturity – Your adult brain has already developed the ability to make associations and connections between words and things. This enables you to process and retain new vocabulary more effectively than children.
  • Interpretation – Learning a new language is a matter of interpretation for adults. You already know and understand the meanings of the words you’re learning in a different language. This isn’t necessarily the case for children.
  • Grammar – The grammatical structures of different languages can vary significantly. But at least you’re used to using grammar in your native language. You’ve already had to get your head around it once. This puts you ahead of children who are still navigating grammar.


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Knowledge of language brings freedom and is good for your brain, I Am Expat

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