Primary schools play a crucial role in shaping children’s language skills and fostering a global mindset. To this end, many primary schools enlist the services of trustworthy local language providers to enhance in-house efforts.

Here are six inspired reasons why collaborations of this nature are reimagining the delivery of modern foreign languages in primary schools:

  1. Multicultural Days: A local language school can help primary schools to organise multicultural days, celebrating the rich diversity of languages and cultures. Children can immerse themselves in Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese traditions, fostering an appreciation for different cultures.
  1. Language Curriculum Teaching: With ongoing skills shortages in the teaching arena, a reputable local language school can step in and provide language curriculum lessons on an outsourced basis.
  1. PPA Cover: Primary schools often face challenges in providing effective PPA (Planning, Preparation, and Assessment) cover for teachers. But some local language schools offer this service, ensuring that language lessons can continue seamlessly while regular teachers clear their necessary admin.
  1. Consultancy Services: Non-specialist teachers might feel less confident in delivering language lessons when lacking in guidance and resources. But, collaboration with a leading language school empowers teachers to overcome these challenges, and improve the overall quality of language education.
  1. After School & Lunchtime Clubs: Enlisting the services of a local language school can make it easier for primary schools to offer after school or lunchtime Spanish and French clubs. These extracurricular activities create an engaging environment where children can practice their language skills in a fun way.
  1. Flamenco Workshops: An impressive language school might have access to cultural resources, such as flamenco workshops. These interactive sessions introduce children to the colours and vibrancy of music, dance, and the traditions of Spanish-speaking countries, adding a dynamic and immersive element that brings language to life for little learners.

With a new school year just around the corner, why not get in touch with us, at La Academia, to reinvigorate your language delivery with one of our native and fun teachers? With over 20 years of experience teaching in South Manchester, our qualified teachers bring innovative and engaging learning to your small students.