1. 1.357 billion Chinese people can’t be wrong! Well, you wouldn’t want to argue with them, would you?

2. Businesses – 1.357 billion potential clients! Even if you sell to a niche – say doctors – the numbers are staggering. With 1.9 doctors per 1,000 population, that’s more than 2.5m doctors – in the UK there are more per thousand of population (2.8), but that’s still only around 180,000. If you’re in the market for services to doctors, how much do you now want to learn Chinese?

3. Businesses are able to get government funding to help them explore the prospects of doing business in China. The UKTI is heavily supporting trips and market research, and backs this up with a network of specialist commercial advisers in China. Before you know it, you’ll be practising your new-found Chinese language skills for real.

4. British goods have a reputation for quality and good design that will assist you in opening doors – really, what are you waiting for if you own a business selling products? Learning Chinese is a no-brainer!

5. Culture – an ancient and fascinating culture, which continues to intrigue foreign visitors. If you can’t find the excuse to visit China on business, make the time to go on holiday – and learn some of the language before you go, to get the most out of your trip!

6. One cultural difference to start you off – why “8 reasons to learn Chinese”? Well, the number 8 is viewed as a very auspicious number in China. In fact it’s so lucky that “88 reasons” or “888 reasons to learn Chinese” would be even more auspicious, if this author had long enough to write them all down!

7. Wherever you travel, the fact of having learned some words in the local language is a great ice-breaker. At the minimum, it allows you to find your way around and eat the local cuisine where locals eat – who wants to be confined to a hotel?

8. Finally – everything you need to get started is at hand locally – you can get started straight away! la Academia has great Chinese teachers who are enthusiastic about their language and culture and about transmitting their knowledge to you.

Whether you are looking at working with Chinese companies or learning Chinese for a holiday our Chinese classes will help you get to grips with the language and culture.

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