The United Nations places sufficient importance on the Chinese language to dedicate an annual celebration to it. And a survey carried out by the British Council has revealed that UK parents consider Chinese the most important non-European language for their children to learn. So, it’s very apropos to be thinking about Chinese for business on Chinese Language Day every 20th April.

The British Council’s Head of Schools Programmes, Mark Herbert, said of the survey result, With the global economy becoming more interconnected and the drive to boost exports… Chinese is one of the languages that matter most to the UK’s future prosperity.”

China has the largest populations on the planet, estimated at 1,449,175,232 by Worldometer in April 2022. The prospect of getting a foothold and exporting to China is an enticing one for British businesses.

But you ideally need to speak some Chinese in order to establish those all-important connections and build successful business relationships in China.

For this purpose, Chinese for business lessons might be just the solution to help turn your business dreams to reality.

What Sort of Chinese for Business Tuition is Available in the UK?

No matter how many or few of you need to brush up on your Chinese for business, there’s a variety of compelling tuition options that can be delivered at your premises or at a local language school –

  • Individual Tuition – 1:1 Chinese for business tuition might be especially relevant for your business if you’ve appointed a ‘spokesperson’ to drill down in to sector-specific vocabulary.
  • Classroom Training – A classroom situation is a powerful way for two to three of you to learn Chinese for business, with language exercises and role playing for hands-on learning optimisation.
  • Group Training – If several of you need to master Chinese for business, a group setting is conducive to enjoyable and engaging language learning at pace. It offers ample opportunity for interacting and practicing your newfound language skills. In addition, a great language school will also ensure cultural awareness training is included. Its importance can’t be underestimated for preparing you for the customs and etiquette you’ll need to know about when you’re entering Chinese markets.


Manchester’s award-winning La Academia wishes you a prosperous Chinese Language Day and looks forward to providing leading-edge Chinese for business tuition to help your business grow.


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