I’m not a parent. But, I’m feeling the pain vicariously through friends, relatives, and associates who are. Poor souls! Juggling home schooling once again, due to the Lockdown III restrictions, since 5th January.

In addition, it’s been announced that traditional GSCE and A-Level exams as we knew them won’t be going ahead for the second year running. Instead, they’ll be replaced by a mixture of continuous assessment and scaled down exam elements.

It’s nothing new for parents to arrange booster A-Level and GSCE lessons with external educators for their children, when extra help is needed. However, the popularity of ‘outsourced’ A-level and GCSE lessons is currently surging.

It figures, when parents are concerned about how unsettling things continue to be for their children. And, the potential disruption to their children’s education.

Quality A-Level & GSCE Lessons in One Place

It’s estimated there were approximately 950,000+ GSCE students, and 250,000+ A-Level students in the UK in 2020.

At GSCE level, the core subjects – English, Maths, and Science – are compulsory.

In most local education areas this includes both English Language and English Literature.

Sciences cover Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Including certain courses that offer combinations of these subjects.

Booster A-Level and GSCE lessons provide much more than top-up learning for students who’ve missed out on chunks of learning due to pandemic disruption. Further to this, they offer peace of mind if students have fallen behind. Or, if they want to ensure they stay ahead, at the top of the class.

Award winning La Academia offers A-Level and GSCE lessons in all core subjects. In addition to the modern foreign language lessons our reputation was initially built on. All lessons are currently conducted via Skype or Zoom for the foreseeable future. Get in touch for further details about which group or private A-Level or GSCE lessons you’re interested in.