There’s an instant association between language skills and tourism. It’s only natural. After all, the bigger the international pull that an area or attraction has, the more tourists that visit from other countries. And many of these overseas visitors speak different languages.

In fact, tourism is such a key driver of global economies that the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) put World Tourism Day in place in 1979. And we’ve been celebrating it ever since, on 27th September every year.

“World Tourism Day has always been a chance to come together and celebrate the many and varied accomplishments of our sector”, said Zurab Pololikashvili, UNWTO’s Secretary General. “For the best part of four decades, we celebrated tourism’s unparalleled growth – in size, in reach and in significance. In 2022, we once again recognise the opportunities that tourism has brought – and continues to bring – people everywhere”.

Unsurprisingly, the extensive opportunities offered by the tourism industry include many and varied careers.

Tourism Roles Where Language Skills Can Give You a Competitive Edge  

Now, it’s incorrect to suggest that language skills are a necessary requisite for getting a foothold in tourism. But they’re a surefire asset for many roles that are exclusively available to people with relevant language skills.

Here’s just a few areas of tourism where language skills can put you in pole position –

  • Airlines, Hotels, Attractions and Holiday Companies – Travel, accommodation and entertainment are major foundational pillars upon which the tourist industry operates and thrives. As a result, language skills can be of imperative importance for dealing with international client and customer bases.
  • Tour Guiding – Have you got language skills that match the key tourist demographics that visit your area? If so, it can be richly rewarding to help them get the most out of your local heritage, history and everything that’s on offer.
  • Tourist Boards – Do you fancy promoting the delights of your area to the wider world? Local tourist boards are dedicated to continuous outreach to other countries. In addition, they also usually offer resources to visitors who are planning to visit, or have already arrived.


At award-winning La Academia, we’re longstanding advocates that language skills are the most amazing window to the world in multiple ways. So get in touch with us, whether you’re thinking about brushing up existing language skills, or learning a new language from scratch. 

World Tourism Day 2022, United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)