Every 1st July, we don our red and white, wave the maple leaf, and bask in the glory of the True North. Happy Canada Day! But here’s the thing. Canada Day isn’t just about scoffing poutine, binge watching Suits, and blasting out Rush, Alanis Morrisette, Celine Dion or Justin Bieber. It’s a celebration of unity and diversity.

Why? Let’s take a trip back in time.

From Colonies to Country

Canada wasn’t always the sprawling, welcoming nation of today. In fact, it began as three separate British colonies. This glorious day commemorates the joining of these colonies into a single entity within the British Empire, birthing what’s now known as Canada – the politest and socially progressive country on the planet.

A Rich Tapestry of Languages

Canada’s giant diversity of languages and cultures is as vast and varied as its landscape. In fact, its linguistic richness tells the story of inclusion and acceptance, driven by the top five languages that make up its multicultural mosaic:

·       1) English – The most spoken language, English, is the glue that binds together Canada’s provinces and territories, enabling coast-to-coast communication.

·       2) French – The second official language, French, is testament to the Canadian nation’s deep historical roots and cultural ties, particularly in Quebec and parts of New Brunswick.

·       3) Mandarin Chinese – The significance of the Mandarin language reflects Canada’s vibrant Asian communities, adding to the cacophony of voices defining 21st century Canadian cities.

·       4) Punjabi – Punjabi’s hefty presence in Canada signifies its strong and dynamic South Asian population, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario.

·       5) Spanish – Last but not least, Spanish is rapidly contributing to the lively and diverse spirit of Canada.

So, go ahead and enjoy the fireworks and barbecues, while bearing in mind Canada Day is a celebration of the multifaceted communities and languages spoken across the nation. And each language is a piece of the puzzle, combining to create a harmonious and inclusive society.


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