Carrots at the ready! On Sunday 22nd January, the eye of the tiger closes and the baton is passed on to the rabbit.

And you’re going to love this… The Chinese Year of the Rabbit could be a vintage year, according to The Chinese Zodiac. It predicts, “This upcoming year is generally seen as being less dramatic or tumultuous than the previous Year of the Tiger.

“According to Chinese Astrology, the Rabbit symbolizes patience and luck. This suggests that the Year of the Rabbit 2023 will bring qualities that may have been lacking in the previous year, such as peace and success.”

But if you really want to ignite 2023, there are a few Chinese New Year traditions to keep on the right side of. If you do, they might just ensure the Year of the Rabbit is the greatest year of your life.

Get a Firm Grip on Your Crockery

  • No butter fingers when you’re handling plates, cups, bowls and glasses. Dropping and breaking might shatter your chances of good fortune and economic wellbeing in the year ahead. And if you do? Wash away the risk, by wrapping the broken pieces in red paper, and throwing them in to a lake, river or the sea.

Keep Your Hair On

  • Gracefully accept bad hair days until the celebrations are over on 2nd February. This is because scissors and sharp objects might cut off your chances of career success and prosperity.

Give the Mother-in-Law a Wide Berth

  • Avoid the maternal mother-in-law on Chinese New Year’s Day if you want to maintain wedded bliss. But a visit on the second day is fine, even if your mother-in-law doesn’t appreciate being made to feel like second best.


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