Wine Day on 25th May is with us again, which might prompt you to want to consider learning French. Why wouldn’t you want to be more conversant in the language that’s traditionally associated with romance… and also with wine?

But, why are we mentioning learning French in the same sentence as Wine Day? Why not German or Italian or Spanish?

The answer becomes clear when you take a look at recent research pulled together by global hotel chain Accor Hotels for their guest magazine. It reveals that France is the best wine producing country on the planet, based on the following statistics:-

  • France – 789,000 hectares of vineyards, 49.1 million hectolitres of wine produced, 29.5% of global exports, 82.3% average rating
  • Italy – 702,000 hectares of vineyards, 54.8 million hectolitres of wine produced, 19.6% of global exports, 81.1% average rating
  • Spain – 969,000 hectares of vineyards, 44.4 million hectolitres of wine produced, 9.4% of global exports, 80.2% average rating

This coveted accolade is closely contested by Italy and Spain. (The result is a moot point with our lovely Italian and Spanish teachers.)

And putting wine aside for a moment, learning French has always been the most popular choice in the UK of all modern foreign languages.

So, give a thought to learning French when you’re celebrating Wine Day with a cheeky vin rouge or blanc. There’s nothing like the sheer pleasure of learning a new language that’s as beautiful as French. And all the better if you’re looking forward to a forthcoming holiday in France, visiting some of the vineyards that officially produce the best tipples in the world.

Has Wine day has whetted your whistle for learning French? Simply give us a call or drop us an email At La Academia. We offer a variety of classes and private tuition options for learning French as part of a group or individually, across all competency levels.

It will be our pleasure to run through the options with you and have you learning French with us in no time, at a pace that suits you, and in the format that suits you.

À votre santé.


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