It’s that time of year again – Year 10’s and AS level students are getting to see the true picture of where they are in their studies, and it’s not always pretty! Parents across the land are tearing their hair out and worrying that their children are not going to achieve their potential in next year’s exams.

At GCSE if your child is struggling with a core subject like English or Maths, then tuition is an option you should consider.  Often the child has not clearly understood something they have been taught and in school classes this can be missed by the teacher, who may not be able to pick up on each student’s problems in the same way that a tutor can.

At A level tuition can make a difference in grades that will determine whether the student can get to their first-choice University. The confidence that working with a tutor brings can really make a difference.

First, try not to get stressed out at your children – they are as unhappy as you are, even though they may be putting a brave face on it.  They may well be trying to reassure you that they will be fine and will revise harder next year, but can you be sure that that will be enough?

Second, consider your options. If you are thinking of employing a private tutor, when should you start?  Before the summer holidays, in September, or leave it to January? How will you find good tutors in the Cheadle and Stockport area who can fit in with your schedules?

Third, get some advice! Give la Academia a ring, and chat the situation through with us. We know exactly what this is like; as parents we’ve been there, and can help with some sound advice on what to do to help your child.

Sometimes you may need to prioritise a particular subject with a burst of tuition to build your child’s knowledge and get them back on track. Sometimes it’s more a question of exam preparation and technique, and one-to-one help tuition can help build confidence that will have a positive effect on their whole approach to their exams.

La Academia offers private tuition in English, Maths and Science, as well as in Spanish, French and German. Give us a ring on 0161 491 1444 to discuss your child’s situation.  We promise a sympathetic ear!