One of la Academia’s Partners, Andrea Nicholls, is a qualified Interpreter on the National Register of Public Service interpreters – qualified to interpret in Public Services, including law courts.

So at la Academia we have been keeping an eye on the Parliamentary enquiry into what went wrong when a contract for interpreting services across the whole court system was awarded to a company that could not supply the interpreters needed. The main reason to do this was cost-cutting.

Interpreting is a skilled job, and requires excellent language skills, ability to understand a variety of accents and speech styles, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.  It requires good interpersonal skills, ability to empathise without getting involved, and complete reliability and respect for confidentiality.

Click here for the Law Society Gazette article on Public Sector Interpreting. For Spanish interpreters in Manchester, Liverpool and the NorthWest who are NRPSI qualified and can be trusted to meet the highest standards of interpreting, contact Andrea at la Academia.