Calling all non-native speaking immigrants, language learners and tourists! Are you ready for a linguistic adventure like no other? Welcome to Manchester, a city bursting with culture, music, and football fever. But wait, there’s more!

Mancunian words and phrases can be as tricky as predicting the British weather! So, buckle up to decode the puzzling lingo of the locals as you dive into Manchester’s uniquely idiosyncratic take on the lingua franca.

For example:

  • The “Angin’” Enigma: The Manchester Evening News’s Lee Grimsditch defined it in his 22 Manc words and phrases that regularly baffle visitors article, “Manc meaning: sick feeling often a used after consuming too much alcohol, and also used to describe something unpleasant – “I think this food has gone off, it’s angin'”.
  • The “Bobbins” Riddle: When your Mancunian mates mentions “bobbins”, they don’t mean spools of yarn used for sewing and weaving. It’s actually a derogatory term for something that’s disappointing or poor quality.
  • The “Buzzing” Buzz: “Buzzing” doesn’t relate to the sound of bees in Manchester. It signifies excitement! You’ll find yourself saying, “I’m absolutely buzzing, mate!” when you’re excited about exploring the city’s vibrant music scene or indulging in a pint of local brew.
  • The “Chuddy” Conundrum: If you hear someone referring to “chuddy” or “chud”, it’s just Manchester’s quirky term for chewing gum. You’ll be using it in no time!
  • The “Mint” Mystery: No, it’s not about packet of Polos! In Manchester, “mint” means something is brilliant. In fact, you’ll be exclaiming, “It’s mint, that!” when you ace your language exam.
  • The “Sound” Scenario: Prepare to be charmed by the word “sound.” When someone says, “You’re sound,” they mean you’re a stand-up, reliable, and all-around fabulous human being. Embrace the compliment, and feel the Mancunian love!


At award-winning Manchester-based language school La Academia, we help you not only master the intricacies of English but also unravel the mysterious world of Mancunian slang. So, get ready to embrace the “mad for it” spirit and dive headfirst into the wondrous world of Manchester’s linguistic maze. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride, but we promise you, it’s going to be a “nice one”!

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