There’s nothing like a new year for infusing us with a refreshed sense of resolve to be happier, healthier, richer, thinner, more successful, etc, etc. Yet our best intentions all too quickly sink under the weight of getting back to the proverbial grind.

But it’s not the case everywhere.

Some countries have nurtured their very own national ‘feel good’ designs for life. These methodologies are the perfect antidotes to the post-Christmas blues, aiding a graceful transition in to 2023, and promoting smooth sailing through the year ahead.

Let’s take a look at a few of these mood-boosting frameworks.

How They Welcome the Positive Vibes Abroad

  • Danish Friluftsliv – BBC Travel’s Kristin Vuković described friluftsliv as “the Danish tradition we all need now”. She explained how the term was popularised by playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen in the 1850s “to describe the value of spending time in remote locations for spiritual and physical wellbeing.” Troll hunting, shoreline biking and stargazing are contemporary soul soothing takes for 21st century Danes.
  • Norwegian Hygge – Your favourite people. Your favourite foods and drinks. Your favourite tunes. Your favourite movies. Throw in to the mix your cosiest pyjamas, fluffiest slippers… and bask in the hygge afterglow.
  • Italian La Dolce Vita – Why waste a precious second on botherations and woes when you could be permanently partying like it’s 1999 instead? Indulge yourself in Federico Fellini’s iconic 1961 film, La Dolce Vita, for a further insight in to this ‘devil may care’ attitude to life.
  • Swedish Fredagsmy – The Swedes have developed their own comfy way of embracing the TFI Friday concept, which doesn’t involve getting their disco dancing shoes on. Instead, they welcome the weekend with candlelit box set bingeing, movie nights and mountains of mouthwatering tacos.


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