Red Magazine reported that “…multilingualism rose from 23 per cent in 2020 to 28 per cent in 2021”. Of that, Italian language learning ranks amongst the Top 10 most wanted languages by UK-based students of all ages.

In addition, it seems there’s a will where there hasn’t been a way yet – “…the percentage of people who can’t yet speak another language but are interested in learning one has jumped from just over half (56 per cent) last year to almost three quarters (71 per cent) in 2021.”

So, the volume of people choosing to embark on Italian language learning journeys is set to increase by the time new stats on the subject are produced.

The allure of the Italian language is as potent as the allure of the country it originates from. It conjures up mental pictures of gladiators battling and lions roaring in the Coliseum. We imagine Italian language learning will equip us to speak like a Caesar, (even though Italy’s mother tongue was Latin way back then).

Of the many good reasons people in the UK opt for Italian language learning, some of the most common reasons include –

·        Culture – Italy is synonymous with ancient architecture, the arts and, of course, opera. They’re universal languages that speak to people from every nation.

·        Business – Car manufacturing, couture and cuisine have time-honoured roots in Italy. Besides these Italian-oriented sectors, Italy is a key European economic hub. As a result, thousands of professional adults take up Italian language learning to work in Italy, at UK offices of Italian companies, or with Italian client bases.

·        Tourism – Need we say more? UK holiday makers only love Spain and France more than they love they love la dolce vita in Italy.

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The best languages to learn in 2021, Roshina Jowaheer, Red Online