With Michael Gove’s announcement that the English Baccalaureate will replace GCSE’s in ‘core subjects’, starting when current Year 7s reach Year 11, school language learning is again in the news. Initially Maths, Science and English will be taken as eBaccs, rather than GCSEs, followed by Geography, History and Languages.  The English Baccalaureate puts languages centre stage in the curriculum again.

GCSEs in any modern foreign language count towards eBacc, so all our favourites – Italian, Chinese, French, German and Spanish will be fine. We can expect with languages becoming more important at Secondary level that they will be putting pressure on their feeder primary schools to provide good language tuition, with progression and measured achievement when pupils leave at the end of Year 6.

Primary school MFL is anyway becoming compulsory from KS2 in 2014, which will be upon us before we know it.  The schools la Academia works with are already putting their programmes in place, with French and Spanish the most popular after school clubs, and pupils at several primaries being taught French, German or Spanish in Curriculum time. The question is how many other primary schools in Cheshire and Greater Manchester are ready for MFL at KS2 – do school staff have sufficient language skills?

La Academia has skilled language teachers with experience in schools, and we’re happy to take on more after school clubs or curriculum-time teaching in primaries.  We have excellent recommendations from primary schools in Stockport and all around Greater Manchester and the NorthWest.

To find out more about getting French, Spanish, German, Chinese or Italian classes in your primary school, contact la Academia for testimonials, case studies and more information.