Fabio Capello was derided by the English press for his failure to learn English during his time as England football manager; however La Academia has had greater success in teaching English to footballers and other overseas employees who are sent to Manchester, Liverpool or Cheshire. Sometimes our clients start with very basic English, or none at all.

All our ESOL courses are practical, intensive and skills-based, so your employee or player can develop confidence in speaking English and adapt better to life in the UK. We are mindful of the fact that an employee who learns to speak English is likely to settle in better, stay longer, and be happier during their stay – all helping to improve their performance in the office or on the pitch!

Our trainers are very experienced and they recognise that each individual is unique. Our ESOL courses are flexible, to reflect the needs of participants. From basic English tuition to advanced English language skills, whether you need one-to-one English tuition or prefer classes, La Academia can help. We are also used to maintaining client confidentiality.

Whatever your employees’ English language level or experience, we always focus on giving them the skills to use the English they have learned confidently and effectively. This can include:

  • Business English – focussed on their daily work or activities
  • Conversational English – so they can communicate with colleagues, team-mates, neighbours, fans etc
  • Dealing with the English press
  • Understanding dialects and accents around Manchester, Cheshire and Liverpool
  • Intensive English language courses

Don’t leave it to chance like England – contact La Academia to discuss English language tuition for your employees!