Ever wondered why adult language learners are flocking to Portuguese language courses in 2023? Well, grab your pastéis de nata and get ready to explore the irresistible charm of learning this captivating language!

  1. Portuguese is also the official language of Brazil – Both Portugal and Brazil boast the Portuguese language as their official tongue, and it’s spreading like samba fever! In fact, São Paulo in Brazil proudly holds the title of having the most Portuguese speakers in the world. So, it’s no surprise you’re are eager to immerse yourself in this vibrant linguistic culture.
  1. Celebrity ambassadorship – One name that’s been buzzing around language learning circuits is none other than the “Special One” himself, Jose Mourinho. Join the club if you’re finding the Portuguese language irresistibly cool, thanks to his charm and wit! Who knew language learning could level up your football punditry skills?
  1. Olympic legacy – Remember the Olympic Games in Rio back in 2016? The world fell in love with the charm of Brazil and its people. And what better way to connect with them than by speaking their language? Many enthusiasts started their language journey back then, and now the passion for Portuguese continues to grow.
  1. Cultural oasis – Portuguese is a doorway to a kaleidoscopic world of music, literature, and culture. Expect to find yourself captivated by the richness of Portuguese expression, from soul-stirring Bossa Nova rhythms to the profound works of Fernando Pessoa.
  1. Business and media – Brazil continues to emerge as a powerhouse in business and entertainment, making it a prime destination for work and play. Speaking Portuguese not only opens up new career opportunities, but also equips you engage in lively debates over a round of caipirinhas!


At La Academia, the demand for Portuguese classes is on the rise, and who can blame you for wanting to be part of this linguistic fiesta? Our latest six-week course for complete beginners is undeniably a journey worth taking –

When?                Starts Thursday 28th September at 10.00am-12.00pm weekly
Where?               La Academia in Cheadle, Manchester
Teacher?            Eulalia
Cost?                  £120.00

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