In an increasingly globalised world, we’re seeking ways to communicate on a broader level as the world becomes a smaller place. Communication is key to going about our daily business, and also literally doing business, whether we’re online or IRL.  It’s little wonder that many of us are turning to languages.

As a result, gift vouchers for language learning are the perfect reindeer-ready Christmas presents for a family member, friend or colleague. They might want to learn a new language next year to advance their career. Perhaps they’ve got a holiday on the cards that they want to prepare for? Or maybe they’re emigrating abroad.

So, move over chocolates, bubble bath and socks! There’s a compelling gift making it on to wish lists all over the country this year. Here are just a few reasons why language learning takes the guess work out of gifting. 

Language Learning is the Gift that Keeps on Giving 

·        Better Career ProspectsLanguage skills are desirable assets to many employers. In addition, being bilingual or multilingual can carry a higher price tag. Business and financial news site MarketWatch reported that, “College grads who are fluent in a language besides English received an average of 2% additional salary. Similarly, non-native Spanish and German speakers enjoyed a 1.7% and 4% salary bump respectively”.

·        Improved Cultural AwarenessLearning a foreign language usually involves learning about the mother country that the language originates from. It’s a double whammy that makes life so much easier and enjoyable when you’re abroad, shopping, getting around and eating and drinking out.

·        A Workout for the Memory – It’s scientifically proven that learning languages enhances your memory. In fact, it’s even been credited with improving mental calculation skills and reading comprehension. And even better still these benefits aren’t age specific, making a language learning gift voucher the ideal stocking stuffer for young and old.


At La Academia, we offer beginners, intermediate and advanced language courses and tuition options in ALL languages. Get in touch with us for a chat about what you want. We’re here to fill your sleigh with the ultimate wow-worthy gifts. 

Here’s how much learning another language will boost your earning potential, Kathleen Burke, MarketWatch