Flamenco for schools brings a sprinkling of Strictly magic children can’t get enough of.

Season after season, Strictly captures the imagination of the new generation of would-be Aljažs and Katyas.

The flagship family entertainment show has single-handedly moved things on a long way since boys cringed about having to hold hands with girls for the Gay Gordons!

The Guardian reported – “Children are taking up dance lessons with such enthusiasm that the activity is now second in popularity only to football in Britain’s schools. The number of pupils choosing dance has risen 83% in four years, according to research by the Arts Council. A third of those are boys”.

The article concludes boys have been, “…Spurred on by role models such as Darren Gough, the England cricketer who was the first male winner of BBC1’s show Strictly Come Dancing.”

That’s great news. It means there’s no shortage of boy partners for the girls to choose from when they’re treated to flamenco for schools.

One of our amazing clients at St Margaret’s Primary School in Whalley Range told us “The children loved it!”

In addition to dancing, flamenco for schools has other benefits that students are enjoying themselves too much to even realise, such as –

·        Interactivity – Flamenco for schools bring Spanish language learning to life in an interactive and fun way.

·        Engagement – Students are more engaged when they fully buy in to something different and more exciting than one-dimensional learning.

·        Culture – Special culture days about Spain are completed to perfection with the addition of flamenco sessions, (followed by a tasty paella).

Flamenco isn’t a Strictly dance in its own right. But students recognise the flamenco they’ve seen every time the dramatic Paso Doble is performed.

John Whaite and his partner Johannes Radebe, Tilly Ramsay and her partner Nikita Kuzmin and Tom Fletcher and his partner Amy Dowden have served up sensational examples this season.

Elegant and strong flamenco hands are integral to the Paso Doble. When couples get them right it’s guaranteed to be FAB-U-LOUS and not a DANCE DISASTER, DAH-LING.

At La Academia, our wonderful, fully qualified teacher Rios is in demand for flamenco in schools year-round. He’s even more in demand during Strictly season when half the county goes dance mad.

Have you supplemented your students’ learning with the delights of dance yet?


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