Social Media is a very powerful way for top professional footballers to reach their fans. It’s an international business, so many of the top stars are posting in English as well as their own language or the language of their host country.

Platforms like Twitter allow footballers to reach out to their fans with news, photos, updates on injuries or the team’s news. Fans can send messages of encouragement, birthday wishes and so on to their heroes, and the footballers can respond with thanks and communicate with the fans.

Why is Social Media so important to overseas players in the Premier League? Nicolas Otamendi of Manchester City is from Argentina and Spanish is his native tongue. He is making the effort to have his tweets translated into English as he realises the importance of communicating with his fans in the UK, and in other countries that don’t speak Spanish.
Ruben Cnobel of la Academia says “Premiership footballers are huge stars across the world, and by posting on Social Media in English Nicolas Otamendi can reach out worldwide. Footballers can meet only some of their fans at training and matches, but by posting on Social Media in English they can meet so many more of them online”.

“Social Media is great as you can use it to show fans what you are doing in training and outside. Footballers can send greetings and if they’re happy after a match they can share that feeling with the fans. So by getting his tweets translated into English Nicolas Otamendi can share the moment with many more of them and they are happy too.. .”

Nicolas Otamendi posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so follow him and get all the latest news in English!