Despite all the razzamatazz around big international signings to premiership clubs, it’s an enormous upheaval for players and their families who speak little English or none at all. So, English language lessons are invaluable for many players who arrive in the UK to join their new teams.

The UK football leagues generate a continuous rich source of players in need of English language lessons. According to the reference site for key international domestic league coverage, there are players from 65 different countries in the premiership alone! Of the top 15 countries by numbers of players, English is only spoken natively in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales!

Even as Jules Rimet gleams brightly in Qatar, various overseas superstar players are catching the beady eyes of premiership clubs right now. Some of these players might find themselves UK-bound in the future, but lacking in English language skills to communicate competently. This is when tailored English language lessons come in to their own.

And here’s why…

English Language Lessons Help Overseas Players Exceed Their Goals

English language lessons serve many and varied different purposes for overseas players, officials and also their families. For example –

  • Uplevelled performance due to team camaraderie and co-operation – Leading managers usually want one common language to be used, so that everybody involved can communicate effectively and reach their full potential.
  • Compliance with Home Office legislation – Even the most celebrated footballers on global pitches aren’t exempt from having to take language proficiency exams in order to live and work in the UK.
  • Education and personal development – English language lessons are equally as important to players’ family members, who also uproot to start new lives in a foreign country.


At La Academia, we provide English language lessons to the Greater Manchester footballing community and beyond. In addition, we also provide interpretation and translation services footballers who are facing international media or negotiating contracts with their agents and lawyers.

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