La Academia GCSE language tutors have been praised by Stockport students and parents for their support and teaching expertise.

These are a couple of recent testimonials for our French GCSE tuition after the June 2016 GCSE’s. If you’d like to improve your grades both the tutors mentioned are currently taking on new students, so do get in touch!

Testimonial 1: “Alison taught my son S, and she gave him the confidence with the oral exam and written paper to achieve a high grade. We were delighted with his result in French and thanks to la Academia for finding us a good teacher.”

Testimonial 2: “La Academia really helped me with my French coursework and revision. Without Lynn’s help, I wouldn’t have achieved the grade I was aiming for and I would have been much less prepared for my exams and coursework. The teacher listened to what my weak areas were and gave me personalised work and revision. Thanks to la Academia I achieved the A* I wanted.”

Both Alison and Lynn are taking on new students at the moment, so if you’d like to get some help with your GCSE French, just contact la Academia!  We also provide tutors at A level, and in many other languages including Spanish, Chinese, Italian and more. Contact us on 0161 491 1444 or to get your GCSE languages on track!