I came across some fascinating data recently about learning foreign language skills in 2020. It was conducted in the summer, by Opinium on behalf of Aldermore Bank. And, it confirmed my suspicions about why gift vouchers for language lessons are so massively popular this festive season.

In our multiple thousands, we’ve found ourselves with lots of unexpected time on our hands due to lockdowns. As a result, we’ve turned to personal development; to upskill, to pivot, or just to enjoy learning.

Right at the top of the popular lockdown pursuits table are –

  • Cooking.
  • Exercising.
  • Learning foreign language skills.


The Proof’s in the Pudding 

So, when you’re looking for Christmas present inspiration, it’s high time to see beyond traditional stocking stuffers.

Have you ever thought about gift vouchers for foreign language lessons? Skills for life. Skills that enhance life. In so many ways.

They’re perfect gift ideas for your family members and friends who’ve already indulged in personal development. Or, for those might be keen to start in 2021, for business or pleasure.

The proof of the pudding, it’s said, is in the eating. And, the proof of this particular plum pudding, according to the Aldermore data is that –

  • “Nearly one in ten (9%) UK adults decided to spend their time and money learning a new language.
  • This was particularly popular among younger people, with nearly one in five (17%) 18 to 34 year olds committing to learning a new language”.

Here at La Academia, we offer a bespoke gift voucher service for all ages, levels, languages, and pockets. Novice Norwegian? Intermediary Italian? Pro Portuguese? We’ve got the vouchers for you to gift the learning of foreign language skills. And they’re sure to delight and excite your nearest and dearest.

Even better still, you don’t even need to leave your cosy fireside to face the bleak midwinter outside. Because you only need to call us, or drop us a line. We’ll ensure your language learning gift vouchers are with you in plenty of time for Christmas wrapping!

T – 0161 491 1444

E – info@laacademia.co.uk

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Brits turn self-isolation into self-improvement – with three-fifths investing in themselves during lockdown, Aldermore