Speaking, writing or signing a language is human beings’ primary form of communication. It is how we express ourselves to others. It is what sets us apart from other species. It is what makes us human. Without the ability to communicate through speech, sign or letters our world would not be the place it is today. And we use more and more language as our world expands through email, text, social media and so on.

It is a given that developing our foreign language skills enhances our competitiveness on the job market and opens doors for our careers, whether home or abroad. The act of studying another language will also improve your grasp of your own mother tongue as you learn, or are reminded of, the different parts of speech, spelling and grammar.

Nothing is more likely to lose you a customer, prospective or current employer or client than being unable to communicate clearly and accurately whether in your own or another’s language. If you work in an organisation with workplaces abroad you will benefit from brushing up a language once learned at school or college. And if you’ve never learned another language then now is the time to start to further your career.

Language skills smash through barriers and open doors to a world of opportunity:

  • Enhancing your career through building your CV and expanding your overseas opportunities.

  • Meeting new people and conversing freely with friends and colleagues whose language is not your own.

  • Training your brain, becoming more open-minded and more willing to take on new ideas, and set yourself new challenges.

  • Opening up different cultures, discovering new places, new knowledge and new opportunities.

At la Academia our language courses are conducted at different levels, from Beginner to Advanced. We put the emphasis on your learning the speech, words and phrases matched to your professional area, whether Accountancy, Law, Sport, Technical and so on. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today and open up your world.