Booster GSCE and A-level tuition in Manchester and countrywide has stepped up a gear in 2020 and 2021. It was predictable with traditional exams being mostly replaced by continuous assessments due to lockdown restrictions.

Demand accelerated further following adverse publicity surrounding last year’s grades. 2020 GSCE and A-level students were initially graded by their teachers. But teacher grades were then averaged out by an algorithm in order to combat any potential bias.

This resulted in an enormous number of appeals by students. Many received lower grades than they’d expected and felt unfairly penalised by the system that had been put in place.

Outsourced GSCE and A-level tuition in Manchester and across the north west region has continued to prove popular amongst students missing out on the exams they’d usually be sitting in June.

There’s concern and uncertainty about the mix of assessment and also short papers provided by exam boards. Schools and colleges can use these short papers at their discretion, though not under traditional exam conditions.

Ofqual’s Simon Lebus summed up the unusual and challenging situation faced by examining boards, schools, colleges and most importantly by students:

“Assessment cannot itself serve as an instrument to recover lost learning and compensate for the different experiences students will have had in different parts of the country, and the arrangements being put in place will therefore only take into account what students have been taught, not what they have missed.

“The aim is to make it no harder overall for this year’s students to receive a particular grade than students in other years.”

How successful or not this process is in 2021 remains to be seen when this year’s grades are revealed in August, followed by the right to appeal and re-sits in autumn.

At La Academia, we offer GSCE and A-level tuition in Manchester, with students from neighbouring Cheshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire also joining us for help with all core subjects and modern foreign languages under one roof.

We’re proud of our longstanding heritage as leading providers of booster GCSE and A-level tuition in Manchester, including the remote teaching we’ve provided for the Classes of 2020 and 2021.

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