Is your child disillusioned with getting poor marks in their language lessons and exams? Do you get frustrated every time this happens? If so, then supplementary language learning might just be the ideal solution for the pair of you.

And National Educational Support Professionals Day on 16th November is the ideal time to stop worrying and get some professional help on board.

You see, languages come more easily to some children than others, just like most subjects. And it’s demotivating if success keeps eluding them and it seems like a favourable outcome is always just out of reach.

If this resonates, fear not… Now your intrepid young language learner can overcome their language learning obstacles – guaranteed!

This answer is supplementary language learning, the quick and easy way to boost classroom learning and achieve the desired GSCE or A-Level grades. All they need is a little encouragement and a desire to succeed.

How Supplementary Language Learning Helps Even the Most Linguistically Challenged Students

You can take a closer look at some of the north west’s premium supplementary language learning options here.

And here’s just a few of the benefits you can expect when you enlist market leading 1:1 supplementary language support for your child:

  • They’ll discover surprisingly simple ways to overcome the specific problems that are holding them back.
  • They’ll get a confidence boost when they realise they CAN do it, and success breeds success, reinforcing their commitment.
  • They’ll learn more, faster.

And much, much more. Once they settle in to supplementary language learning, they’ll finally feel more positive about facing their forthcoming exams with more surety and less stress!

But don’t take our word for it. See what Angela Fogg, a very happy customer of La Academia in Manchester, is saying about supplementary language learning:

“Sonia helped my son through his GCSEs and he was very proud of his results. Excellent tuition, great communication, she went above and beyond to help juggle his lessons near the exams to accommodate him. Highly recommend her.”


So, get in touch with us at La Academia. With mock exams looming large on the horizon, you won’t want to delay, because you and your nervous scholar are going to love getting great results!