Bilingualism has become a superpower in an increasingly opened-up world. It’s now a cool thing to be able to be bilingual. But there are many more benefits. A recent BBC Ideas video – Why being bilingual is good for your brain – looks at some of them.

Mental Pilates

As Professor Li Wei from the Institute of Education at UCL puts it, “Learning new languages is an exercise of the mind. It’s the mental equivalent of going to a gym every day.” Who knew flexing those language muscles could work wonders for your concentration, problem-solving skills, memory, and creativity?

Anti-Ageing Properties

A groundbreaking study by Ellen Bialystok in 2007 revealed bilingual people have got a head start in protecting their brains against dementia. Dr Thomas Bak from the University of Edinburgh explains, “Bilingual people develop dementia four to four-and-a-half years later than those who don’t.” It’s a powerful tick in the box of cognitive reserve.

Cultural Expansion

Bilingualism goes beyond brain gains. Professor Antonella Sorace highlights how it cultivates empathy and understanding of different perspectives, while Dr Bak points out it influences emotional expression and rational thinking.

So, when is  the best time to hop on the bilingual bandwagon?

It’s Never Too Late

According to Professor Li Wei, there’s no such thing as too late! Learning a language as a child builds new neural networks. But tackling it later in life? It’s like upgrading your brain’s WiFi connection! The challenge is greater, but so are the rewards.

That said, recent research at Great Ormond Street suggests starting early has its perks too. Dr Frederique Liegeois found that early bilingual children had stronger brain connectivity, like indulging in a mental glow-up every day.


At la Academia, you’re assured a bonanza bilingual journey. We’ll have you mastering words, for sure. But it’s also about broadening your horizons, embracing diversity, and seeing the world through a kaleidoscopic language lens. Get in touch to start your own linguistic adventure, and watch your brain – and your world – expand!