The appetite to learn Spanish in the UK has ramped up since the ‘70s, when people starting plane hopping en masse for some Y Viva España.

It was turbo charged again when the 2020-21 lockdowns sparked a personal development frenzy.

Vicky Gough, the British Council’s Schools Adviser, explains why we’re clambering to learn Spanish at pace –

“… one third of UK adults think Spanish is the most important language for young people to learn. That was followed by French at 20% and Mandarin Chinese at 18%.  

“Spanish is the second most widely spoken first language in the world. It has approximately 437 million native speakers, and Spain is also the most popular destination for people from the UK. Many people in the UK have travelled to or intend to travel to Spain, and so can imagine using Spanish to communicate.” 

Throw new year’s resolutions in to the mix and it’s clear why La Academia is launching a new raft of Spanish courses in January 2022.

The aim? To help students of all ages learn Spanish in just 12 hours of in-person or online study time.

Learn Spanish Effectively and Quickly in January 2022 

You can learn Spanish by signing up to one of La Academia’s new Spanish courses for beginners starting in January 2022.

Each option comprises a two-hour session for six consecutive weeks. During your 12 hours of lessons, you’re guaranteed to learn Spanish to a good basic workable level –

Starting Date:
Thursday 20th January 2022

When, Where and How Much:
10.30am to 12.30pm in-school at La Academia @ £100 for the whole course
7.00-9.00pm in-school at La Academia @ £100 or remotely on Zoom @ £90.00 for the whole course

Why Learn Spanish at La Academia?

 Manchester’s award-winning language school is renowned across the whole of the north west for language learning for business and pleasure.

Healthcare recruiter Camoree Wright chose to learn Spanish remotely with La Academia. She says –

“La Academia is something I’d recommend to anyone looking to learn a language. I have been learning Spanish… through 1-1 Zoom lessons and it is one of the best things I have done. I cannot recommend the school enough.”

Make the decision today to learn Spanish in the new year with us at La Academia. Bookings are being taken now. Get in touch to secure your place and avoid disappointment, (these courses always sell out fast!) –
T – 0161 491 1444
E –


Which languages did the UK study in lockdown? Vicky Gough, British Council