Is your child struggling with their GCSE language studies? An underwhelming performance can be a truly hair-raising time for both of you. But, here’s some good news amidst the worry and woe… Supplementary tutoring might be the game-changer your intrepid student needs.

And here’s why…

Make the GCSE Language Learning Difference

Tailored tutoring can turn around your child’s challenges with their French, Spanish, German or other GSCE languages, delivering the following return on investment:

  • Personalised attention – Expert GSCE language tutors offer custom designed learning paths to target and strengthen your child’s weaker areas.
  • Flexibility and convenience – Sessions can take place at your chosen language school, or online from the comfort of your home, around your child’s school timetable.
  • Russell Group readiness – Many top universities require a modern foreign language (MFL) at GCSE. Supplementary tutoring helps your child meet these requirements with ease.

While it sounds ideal on paper, it’s also worth hearing from other parents with firsthand experience of GSCE language tutoring.

Real-Life Lesson

Anna’s parents chose la Academia for online Zoom sessions to supplement her GSCE Spanish studies.

The feedback from Anna’s Mum was definitive:

“Silvi, you have been an inspiration for Anna.  

“She clearly enjoys her tutor sessions with you. We’re thrilled at how you’ve engaged Anna and given her a love of the Spanish language and culture. We know Anna has coped with her exams because of all the support you have given her and we’re very grateful to you for that.  

You’ve carried her through the two years of Spanish GCSE and kept her motivated. We also know she was inspired by you to continue her studies and do Spanish A-Level.”


At la Academia, we’re ready, willing and able to give your child the boost they need to succeed. Reach out to us today and together, let’s pave the way for their academic excellence.