Italian is the mother tongue of nearly 65 million people across Europe (in Italy, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City), and around 85 million people across the world speak Italian. The additional native Italian speakers are to be found in parts of Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, and South America.

In addition to having 85 million new friends to chat to, are there other reasons to learn Italian? There certainly are!

  1. Italian is the language of food and wine – pasta, chianti, espresso, pizza, gelato, panettone – the Italians certainly know how to have a feast. With your new Italian language skills from la Academia you’ll be able to impress your friends with your pronunciation of all these amazing dishes!
  2. Italian comes to us from Roman roots and a knowledge of the language helps you understand the roots of our language and civilisation, as well as Medieval art and history. There are 49 UNESCO cultural heritage sites in Italy, more than in any other country.
  3. Italian music is renowned for its lyricism and beauty. Even Mozart – an Austrian – when composing his operas chose Italian, rather than German.
  4. Italian films are among the best in the world – studying the language gives you a great reason to watch films by Fellini, Pasolini and Visconti – it counts as study!
  5. Italy has the 4th-largest economy in Europe, which makes Italian language skills useful to many employers, including here in Stockport where several large employers have Italian roots. Italian companies lead the world in vehicle manufacture, fashion, graphic design, robotics, and space engineering, so whatever your field you’ll find Italian colleagues space engineering, construction machinery, and transportation equipment

But, the best reason to learn Italian is that it is so much fun to learn! La Academia students really enjoy learning Italian – isn’t it time you joined them?

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