Are people gearing up for the summer? Suddenly, our Italian classes seem to be on everyone’s list! We’re not complaining, and our two lovely Italian teachers are delighted.

La Academia understands the attraction of learning Italian – after all, Italy has some stunning destinations! We asked our teachers for their thoughts on the best places to visit, not an easy ask – as one said “Italy is interesting from north to south!” adding “all the cities are very beautiful; art and history everywhere..” Here are their ideas for your Italian get away:

Venice is the most romantic destination, one of our teachers recommends a visit rather sadly “before it disappears”.  Quite a few of our Italian students are planning a trip on a gondola, or looking forward to eating pizza and Italian ice cream in the Piazza San Marco while admiring all the beautiful stone palaces… just thinking about it makes you want to hop on a plane!

Verona is “the city of love” made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and Florence “the city of Art”.  Our teachers recommend the “extraordinary” food there too – Italy’s destinations are not one-trick ponies – you can have culture, history, food, fashion, beaches, snow sports – Italy is such a diverse place to visit in any season.

There are plenty of traditional sun and sand holidays to be enjoyed on Italy’s islands and beaches – Capri and Sardinia are probably the best known islands, but there are dozens to choose from. Picturesque Lampedusa is so far south it’s nearly in Tunisia, and there are several lovely islands in the Bay of Naples. Lipari is part of a chain of seven small volcanic islands off the coast of Sicily, and with beautiful clear seas the snorkelling there would make anyone want to linger.

Umbria on the other hand, is so central that it has no coast at all. But it’s perfect for cool forest walks, Italian cuisine, and enjoying wonderful scenery over a glass of Italian wine!

Finally, Rome, “the Eternal City”.  Italian capital and heart of the Roman Empire, Rome is home to some splendid ruins like the Colosseum and the Forums. But it is also the centre of the Catholic faith, with Vatican City, home of the Pope, located just to the north of central Rome.

If we’ve whetted your appetite to experience some of Italy’s delights for yourself, it’s not too late to join in!  If you are thinking of a holiday in Italy this year, get down to la Academia and learn those key Italian phrases that will help your holiday be even more amazing! We’re on 0161 491 1444 – call now!