Our Japanese translation services could help you to keep in touch with colleagues, clients and friends in Japan, even if you are not fluent in Japanese yourself.

We can translate anything from business documents to medical notes – and can help you to understand anything you have received in Japanese.

Two years on from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan, its international relationships are as important as ever.

In a speech on the anniversary of the disaster, Japanese prime minister Yoshihiko Noda thanked the other countries of the world for the support they showed immediately following the events of March 2011.

He added: “In order to repay the warm and kind assistance shown to us by other countries, we must exert every effort to make an active contribution to the international community.”

Our Japanese translation services can help you to communicate directly with people living in the areas affected by the disaster – or to understand any texts you receive from them.

Meanwhile, anybody planning to travel to the country to help in the ongoing repair work may want to consult us on any travel documents you may have that include Japanese text.