2023 marks the 71st anniversary of Jewish Book Week, which is celebrated this year on 25th February – 5th March.  

“It was first organised by the Jewish Book Council in November 1952 under the chairmanship of Dr George Webber, and it has taken place every year since”, explains Jewish Book Week’s Marilyn Lehrer.

“He was originally from Manchester and came down to London to study law, practicing as a barrister before becoming Reader in English Law at UCL”, she continues. “But alongside his love of law, he was a Hebraist and a great book lover, and this was what gave him his overriding enthusiasm for Jewish Book Week.”

Today, people from all different walks of life, regardless of culture and faith, come together for the annual celebration of a community that’s historically been singled out for discrimination and besieged by injustices, despite its major contributions to the advancement of the arts and culture, the economy, media and science.

For these reasons, it’s the ideal opportunity to recognise Jewish literature that reflects on the past, defines the present and shapes the future. 

Here’s how you can get involved.  

Three Thought Provoking Ways to Celebrate Jewish Book Week 

  • Check Out Local Events – Jewish Book Week events are held nationwide. Search online to see what’s happening near you.
  • Visit the Main Event in London – King’s Place in London is the hub for the national headline activities, including must-see sessions with prominent Jewish figures such as Bob Stanley, Graham Gouldman, Simon Schama, Simon Sebag-Montefiore, Howard Jacobson, Malcolm Rifkind, Anthony Julius and Jonathan Freedland.
  • Sign Up for Hebrew Lessons – Take a deeper dive into the mother tongue by enrolling for Hebrew lessons.


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