Many thanks to Neil, a student of our language school in Cheadle, South Manchester, who recently wrote us a great recommendation.

Needing to improve my Spanish to prepare for some time living in Peru, I approached La Academia. I knew some basic Spanish from computer apps (Duolingo and Wilingua) but needed help to really understand what I had been learning and to improve my speaking skills.

For the last 9 months I’ve had lessons with Tannia; who has been fantastic. It’s been really great to have lessons with someone who is patient and enthusiastic.

It took the first few lessons to work out how best to help me learn, but over the time I’ve become much more fluent and confident in my Spanish. Having individual lessons has enabled them to be focused on the things most useful to me.

So if you are thinking of learning Spanish, either as a beginner or someone who needs to improve, I’d recommend them.

What more can we say? If you want 1 to 1 Spanish Tuition, la Academia is the place to come! Call 0161 491 1444 or email to find out more!