The translation and interpreting challenges of a major international event like the G8 Summit are huge, and la Academia is really proud to have contributed staff to the interpreting team in Northern Ireland.

The team consisted of 24 people, whose job was to ensure accurate interpreting of speeches, press conferences and most importantly conversations between the leaders of the G8 nations.

“It was a very enjoyable interpreting assignment” said one of our team, returning from the summit, “but naturally I can’t say too much about it, since the confidentiality rules are even tighter than for everyday interpreting work”

Watching history happening on TV is always a bit more exciting when you know those who are involved personally. A good interpreter is almost invisible, facilitating good communication between the parties whilst remaining unobtrusive, so we didn’t catch sight of any familiar faces on the news, but it was good to know that la Academia was helping, and raising the flag for interpreters in Manchester, too!