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Language Classes

La Academia provides a wide and varied range of language courses.

Chinese Classes

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world.  Our Chinese classes will help you to converse at beginner level, and we hope also to offer Intermediate Chinese classes in the near future, as the number of graduates from our Beginner Chinese classes increases.
In the meantime, if you would like to move forward at a quicker pace we can offer Intermediate and advanced Chinese lessons one-to-one with a Chinese tutor.

Business Chinese Classes

China is a market many of our clients cannot afford to ignore. An increasing number of Chinese businesses are looking to the UK for high quality and innovative products. Northwest businesses are leading the way, encouraged by the DTI and local Chambers of Commerce in Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire.

la Academia is finding that the demand for on-site Business Chinese courses in Northwest companies is growing as many of our students are being sent to meet Chinese businesses and suppliers; also, clients in Chinese businesses are visiting the UK.

Chinese businesses appreciate companies who make the effort to speak their language; even learning a few basic phrases of Chinese is a great ice-breaker. For employees who are travelling in China, on a more practical level, being able to get around, eat out and experience daily life more closely is a great experience.

Chinese is sometimes seen as a hard language to learn, but our supportive Chinese teachers make it fun and our structured courses mean that you can learn both Mandarin and Cantonese at a good pace.

We can arrange to provide Business Chinese classes at your premises in many locations across the Northwest including Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire, Liverpool and Warrington. For other locations, ask us about learning Business Chinese via the Internet – a Chinese teacher is beamed into your office for classes!

French Classes

Why should you consider learning French?

French is the language of romance. It is also spoken by more than 300 million people worldwide.

La Academia offers French classes for leisure at all levels from Beginner French courses to Intermediate French and Advanced French courses. We also provide Business French classes.

Many of our students take GCSE or A-level French, and we can provide one-to-one tuition to help them achieve exam success. Others are studying purely for enjoyment, to improve their French for holidays or to acquire a new life skill.

The schedule of French classes depends on demand. Many of our groups study together over years, progressing from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and we schedule additional classes to match the needs of these groups.

Business French Classes

So you learned French at school but it was school French, not Business French? And you’ve forgotten most of it? How will your rusty GCSE French hold up in a business meeting in a French-speaking country?

Don’t despair! La Academia’s Business French classes are designed to give you a good grasp of the French you need to get around and to do business in France. We run Business French courses in your offices or at our language school in South Manchester at times to suit you.

We tailor our Business French courses to your company, industry, and needs – will you need day-to-day conversation, the ability to make a presentation, enough vocabulary to explain your product at an exhibition in a French-speaking country? Whatever your starting level, and however specific your needs, la Academia has experience in helping students to develop fluency in Business French.

Italian Classes

La Academia helps businesses to communicate more effectively with their Italian customers, suppliers and parent companies.

Why You Should Consider Learning Italian?

Italian is the mother tongue of nearly 85 million people worldwide.

But who would learn Italian for that reason? Italian is about food, about wine, about art, history and passionate Italian people – that’s why our students have so much fun in our Italian classes and putting their language skills to good use.

Come and join them and immerse yourself in the language and culture of Italy at La Academia! For more details on Italian classes and Italian tuition give us a call on 0161 491 1444.

Business Italian Classes

For example, we provide weekly Italian classes for the UK subsidiary of a large Italian pharmaceuticals business, at their site in Cheadle, Cheshire. The classes are with a native Italian teacher, whose understanding of the Italian way of doing business, local customs and business vocabulary is crucial in helping staff at all levels to improve their Italian.

The purpose of the classes is a serious, business purpose, but at la Academia we believe that learning Italian should be fun, and the classes are conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere. By using role play, listening exercises and sketches of work and everyday situations, the learning experience both practical and fun, and the students actually retain the Italian grammar and vocabulary better.

The students are making good progress and enjoying themselves a lot. The results of this have been increased confidence in dealing with their Italian colleagues, better communication between the UK and Italian offices, and much more productive business visits.

La Academia is happy to demonstrate how we work with a taster session of 30-40 minutes at your offices with a group of up to 6 people.  Contact us with your requirements or to arrange a Business Italian taster session at your offices.

Business Italian Classes – Case Study

Italian lessons help employees to adapt on trips to Head Office (Parma) and to welcome Italian colleagues to the UK office.

Chiesi Ltd is the UK subsidiary of an Italian pharmaceutical company, developing products to improve patients’ quality of life by ameliorating respiratory, neonatal and inflammatory conditions.

Colleagues from the UK make regular work trips to Italy. There was a requirement for them to improve their Italian skills to communicate more effectively with colleagues in business and social situations. Staff from Italy also often visit the UK, and the Italian lessons are proving useful to help the UK staff welcome their Italian colleagues.

La Academia provides 3 x 40-minute lessons a week with a native Italian speaker. There are up to 6 people in each session. The lessons consist of sketches of real-life situations, role play and listening practise, as well as vocabulary development. The language classes focus on everyday life and getting around in Italy as well as business situations.

The purpose of the classes is a serious, business purpose, but at la Academia we believe that learning languages should be fun, and the classes are conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere, where the students can learn without pressure or fear of making mistakes. By using music, rhymes and other teaching techniques to relax the group and make it fun, the learning experience is improved and the students actually retain the grammar and vocabulary better.

The Italian students at Chiesi are making good progress and enjoying themselves a lot. The results of this have been an increase in vocabulary and everyday phrases useful to communicate with colleagues, and an increase in confidence.

Portuguese Classes

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil as well as Portugal, in fact São Paulo, Brazil, has more Portuguese language speakers than any other in the world.

Recently made cool by “Special one” Jose Mourinho, could this explain the rise in demand for Portuguese classes at la Academia? Or was everyone preparing for the Olympics in Rio?

Spanish Courses

Why You Should Consider Learning Spanish

Spanish is the 2nd most widely spoken language in the world.

At la Academia in South Manchester, we have teachers from South America and Spain enabling us to explain the nuances in cultures as well as the variations in the Spanish language.

We offer a range of classes, so whether you are a beginner, or want to improve from beginner to intermediate or Advanced level, we have Spanish classes to suit you. Our Business Spanish classes are also very popular.

The schedule of our Spanish courses are below, and we run additional classes whenever required, as well as offering individual Spanish tuition.

Please click here to view details of our Spanish courses.

Business Spanish Classes

Are you an employer who would like us to run Spanish classes at your premises, tailored to your needs – your industry, whether you are doing business in Spain or South America, technical or general conversational Spanish?

Or are you an individual student who would like to learn business Spanish to help you with business trips to Spain and South America, or to welcome Spanish clients to the UK?

La Academia has experienced Spanish tutors who can help you develop your business Spanish vocabulary and also teach you about business practice and customs in Spanish-speaking countries.

For businesses we offer a free taster session with one of our experienced and supportive native Spanish speakers.

Contact La Academia for more details by calling 0161 491 1444 or see our contact page.

Evening Classes

At la Academia’s Manchester language school our team of inspirational teachers provide evening classes in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, the learning of English as a foreign language (EFL) and Chinese amongst others.

Our classes won’t have you stuck behind a desk – they’ll be fun, interactive and engaging. We’ll work with you to develop a programme of learning, ensuring that each session teaches you exactly what you want to know. We also organise a range of activities, including visits to exhibitions, the cinema and international restaurants, where you can practise and develop your new skills.

At our last session, we always organise a party, with international food and drink, where you’ll use your new language as much as possible!

So, whether you’re looking to learn a new language or you want to improve your skills, our team will unveil the magic of language through enjoyable and engaging courses. Each course runs for 6 weeks, with one two-hour session taking place each week.

Free taster session at your business from la Academia

La Academia provides one-to-one or group tuition in Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and many other languages. We also provide English (EFL) classes to help overseas employees working in the UK to improve their English and enjoy their work and social life in the UK to the full.

La Academia is happy to demonstrate how we work with a free taster session of 30-40 minutes at your offices with a group of up to 6 people. Contact us with your requirements (languages, number of students, preferred dates and times) for more details.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Translation Services

Looking for translation and interpreting? Our sister company Accutranslate offers a full range of translation and interpreting services.

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