Here at la Academia we have provided language services for a number of years to professional football clubs.

Football is an international business – clubs may have owners, management teams, coaching and backroom staff as well as players whose first language is Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German or many others.  Good communication is important in football, but

La Academia helps professional football teams with all kinds of language services:

  • Interpreting at team meetings and at training sessions
  • Translation of documentation
  • Teaching players and staff English
  • Teaching families English and helping them to settle in the UK
  • Teaching English staff other languages, so that they can communicate with their overseas colleagues effectively

Football clubs are not the only businesses where understanding colleagues from overseas is important. La Academia also helps other businesses by:

  • Teaching UK staff to speak in languages used by their overseas colleagues
  • Interpreting at meetings and events
  • Translation of documents
  • Teaching English to colleagues who are stationed in the UK

So, whether you are a football club or any other kind of business, when language difficulties between staff may be a barrier to working together well, contact la Academia and we’ll soon get your team working at maximum effectiveness! That’s 0161 491 1444 or