The thing about February is the weather. It can be cold, grey and wet. So we ramp up the heating, cuddle up on the sofa and long for summer. But, and this may surprise you, this could be exactly the right time of year to learn a new language. Or to improve one you already have a smattering of – such as Spanish or French.

A study conducted by researchers from Stanford University and Israel’s Bar-Ilan and Ben-Gurion universities found that representations of temperature – such as photos of cold weather — improve alertness and ability to complete tasks. And thus that brain power is, to misquote the old proverb, a dish best served cold.

In the experiment three sorts of high quality photos were compared: Cool ones of snowy landscapes. Warm, sunny landscapes and neutral pictures of an asphalt road in which the weather could not be determined.

Researchers asked participants to complete a task. Randomly, they added an image to the participants’ field of vision that depicted either cold, warm or neutral landscapes. They found that the cool-temperature images, compared to the warm images, led to significantly improved performance on the task.

Indeed, several studies over the years have shown links between hot temperatures and aggressive or impulsive behaviours. Similarly, these studies have also shown a link between warmth and poorer performance on intellectual tasks.

It doesn’t matter if you drive, walk, cycle or take the bus to one of our great language classes. If it looks cold outside as you’re travelling, then you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that your learning will improve as a result. Learn a new language with us and connect with the world. Give us a call now to see what we can offer you: 0161 491 1444