Learning Greek for culture and history


  • Learning Greek is a great way to find out about Greek culture. With 34 centuries of written records, plays, poetry and scientific discovery this is a huge legacy for all of modern civilization.
  • As well as its own history, the Greek language has had a tremendous influence on other European languages and culture. Greek and Latin words are the foundation of our scientific and technical vocabulary. This means that you already know a lot of Greek words even if you didn’t realise!
  • For example, about 25% of English words are of Greek origin: Dermatologist from δέρμα (derma) which means skin; astronomy from άστρο (astro) which means star; psychiatric from ψυχή (psyche) which means the mind and the soul, and many more. So if you learn Greek you will understand English better!
  • Modern Greek is an elegant and highly structured language and the building material for crafting exquisite poetry: two Greek poets, Elitis and Seferis, have received the Nobel Prize. It is also a tool to learn and understand a rich culture that is as vibrant today as it was in ancient times.


Learning Greek for fun!


  • You’ll get to know more people! What’s better than extending your circle of friends? If you already have some Greek friends, or even relatives and family, you’ll be able to communicate better with them.
  • If you are visiting Greece or Cyprus, either for work or holiday, you will be able to communicate with local people. Communicating with locals you’ll get to know all about the hidden gems of Greece, such as small and authentic restaurants, beaches and places unknown to tourists. You will be able to enjoy music, songs, poetry and literature and learn all about Greek food and cooking!


Other reasons to learn Greek


  • Additionally, knowing a foreign language can open up employment opportunities – Modern Greek can be an advantage for employment in Government and social services. For example a recent Metropolitan police recruitment campaign required applicants for police constable to offer one of 14 languages, including Greek.


Learning Greek with la Academia – testimonial

As a retired teacher of foreign languages it is sad to say that I had been struggling to learn GREEK for more than 30 years! Now, thanks to La Academia, I have managed to make more progress in 10 weeks than in all those years.

I will finally be able to understand what they’re saying about me behind the bar in Corfu! My wife has even been inspired to learn “tourist” Greek as well. So, ευχαριστώ πολύ to the Academy in Cheadle!
Nigel and Gaye

Whatever your reason for learning Greek, there’s no better place to get started than at la Academia! Our lovely Greek teacher, Christina Tsaousi, has completed postgraduate studies in teaching the Greek language as a second or foreign language, and has been passing on her love of the Greek language since 2006. You can book a taster session with Christina by calling 0161 491 1444 or emailing info@laacademia.co.uk