Greek classes keep increasing in popularity at la Academia. It seems that once people have been to Greece or the Greek islands they return again and again. Part of the charm is the delightful locals, who are friendly and welcoming. Many of our students say that speaking with their Greek friends in their own language really adds to their Greek holiday experience. So whether you’re holidaying in Cyprus, Greece or Crete, follow our tips on learning Greek below to make your stay even more fun!

Top tips on learning Greek from our language school students:

  1. Don’t be shy – Greek people are very kind and will appreciate your efforts. One of our teachers (not a Greek teacher!) spent their holiday wishing people “squid!” (kalamari) each morning, instead of “kaliméra” (good morning), and no-one laughed at her.
  2. Try a new word or phrase every day – start out with 5 phrases, add 1 a day and you’ll know a dozen Greek phrases at the end o the week!
  3. Write down Greek words that you hear – by catching the context in which words are used you’ll be able to remember them better. Reading through your notebook after your holiday you’ll remember when you heard the word, what you were doing and who you were with when you heard it – that really jogs your memory!
  4. Have a chat wherever you go – in the cafes, restaurants, shops and bars. If you exchange a couple of words with the people around you, you’ll find that they really appreciate your efforts, and may teach you more new Greek vocabulary
  5. Take a small dictionary with you – it will help you in your chats with the locals and to build your Greek vocabulary.

Speaking some Greek will really add to your experience of travelling in Greece.  Of all these tips the most important is the first – don’t be shy – get out there and speak Greek!