Need to brush up your English skills for applying to English speaking universities abroad? If so, English as a foreign language lessons can be as important as your other academic studies.

English proficiency tests are par for the course for international university admissions. Fernando Fleurquin explained the importance of this process to Language Magazine. He said –

“English proficiency tests are one of the elements that university admissions staff consider as part of the application process for international students. English tests provide an objective indicator to help the institution decide whether the applicant’s proficiency in English meets the minimum standard for success—either for direct admission to a degree-granting program or to determine the need for additional English language instruction prior to admission.”

With so much at stake, demand for English as a foreign language lessons continues to grow amongst overseas student populations with eyes and hearts on higher education beyond their native shores.

It’s not a new thing. But it’s taken a new turn for the better in recent years with the world going digital to an unprecedented degree. As a result, it’s never been more affordable and convenient for overseas students to benefit from English as a foreign language lessons with language schools in the UK, regardless of which country they call home.

English as a Foreign Language Lessons are So Important Socially Besides Academically

The benefits of English as a foreign language lessons to non-native speaking student extend beyond academic necessity. In addition, they’re essential for:-

  • Settling happily and quickly in a different country where a different language (English) is spoken natively
  • Participating fully in all aspects of university life, in the lecture theatre and out of it
  • Conducting daily life in the local community


At La Academia, we’re experts in providing comprehensive English as a foreign language lessons to non-English speaking students worldwide.

Don’t leave making the grade to chance. Get in touch for one less thing to worry about around the admissions process for overseas English speaking universities.

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