September 2021 is Preparedness Month. It’s prime time to take confidence in the fact your adult brain IS prepped and ready to learn to speak a new language fast, even if you flunked languages at school.

Preparedness Month! So, what does that mean?

The American Public Health Association established it in 2006. Its aim is to arm individuals, families, and communities with knowledge to help them cope with crises like natural disasters, infectious diseases and pandemic illnesses.

Interesting, right?  We’ve certainly learned that being prepared is vital.

But, why is it interesting when you want to learn to speak a new language fast?

Well, it’s about not putting our heads in the sand. It’s about learning more.

That includes learning languages. And, let’s be honest, the ability to speak any language or languages in addition to our native tongue is powerful preparation for all sorts of different life situations.

With that in mind, how exciting is it that scientific research is proving you can learn to speak a new language fast in a classroom environment?

Your adult brain is prepared naturally to find it’s way through a maze of different grammar and linguistic structures than it’s been used to all your life – whether you think it is or not.

Professor Alison Gabriele of Kansas University has scrutinised the tests and results over a four-year period. She concludes:-

“Probably the most exciting finding for classroom second-language acquisition is that it shows, even with very limited exposure to a second language, that learners can at least begin to show these brain responses related to grammatical processing just like native speakers… So, I think it’s cause for optimism for… foreign language instruction. It shows that, even with limited exposure in the… classroom, learning can happen quite quickly and efficiently.”

At La Academia, the north west’s award-winning language school, we help thousands of adults every year to learn to speak a new language fast.

Our adult student bases include people who didn’t get a grasp on languages in school, people who start out terrified of returning to the classroom. There’s nothing to worry about.

The science is saying you can learn to speak a new language fast. In addition, success is guaranteed when you learn at one of the best language schools in the area.


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