As Greek people would say Μια νέα γλώσσα είναι μια νέα ζωή

…or “A New Language is a New Life” – a lovely thought, and so true. Learning any new language immediately opens up a host of opportunities for your career, your holidays and your social life and even – perhaps – your love life. (Remember Shirley Valentine?) Learning Greek is particularly important for those who study Biology, Medicine and Law since up to 90% of the terminology in these disciplines stems from Greek.

Think also of all the famous—legendary even — Greeks who have contributed so much to our modern world. Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras and many more seminal writers, philosophers and scientists. Modern Greek has a simplified grammar but the basic core is the same, so a Modern Greek speaker can usually get the gist of an ancient text.

Not forgetting of course, at the lighter end of the cultural scale, Nana Mouskouri, Vangelis, Maria Callas and the frankly magnificent Demis Roussos. How wonderful would it be to hear and understand them in their original language?

Then there’s Sports – the Olympic Games and Marathons – all trained for in ‘gymnasiums’ as did the Ancient Greeks and watched by them in open-air ‘stadion’- stadiums.

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