Remember Cool Cymru in the 90s, when music icons like Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics, Catatonia, and Super Furry Animals ruled the world? Wales also gifts us…

  • Welsh Rarebit, which is extra scrumptious with home-produced creamy Caerphilly cheese
  • Leeks that are somehow iconic (???)
  • Lambs that are adorably munchable (figuratively speaking!)
  • Landscapes that make Instagram’s eyes water

But let’s dive into something even more uniquely Welsh. The Welsh language is referred to locally as Cymraeg. And it’s making a surprising comeback in 2024.

Learning Welsh in 2024 means more than adding a quirky skill to your resumé. It’s about unlocking the magic of Wales, where every hill, valley, and rain-soaked street has a story, and guess what? Those stories sound infinitely cooler in Welsh. But here’s the kicker…

The Welsh Language is Breaking Out – and Everybody Wants In

Welsh used to be thought of as a language of the past. That’s no longer the case. It’s a living, breathing part of Wales today. Welsh is everywhere, from vibrant cities like Cardiff and Swansea, to the serene beauty of Snowdonia. Road signs, local newspapers, schools teaching in Welsh, and yes, even the latest Welsh pop sensations – the language is alive and kicking.

So then, Welsh offers something truly unique in a world where everyone’s looking for the next big thing. Imagine being one of the few in your circle who can say “Bore da”. Or watching a rugby match and understanding the anthem as every Welsh heart swells with pride.

Learning Welsh in 2024 is more than a language learning quest. Moreover, it’s about diving into a culture and identity as warm and welcoming as freshly baked crumbly Welsh Cakes. And making connections in a country that’s small in size but enormous in heart.


At la Academia, you’re invited to climb aboard for a journey into the heart of Wales, through its music, its landscapes, its people, and of course its language. Get in touch to learn Welsh in 2024. And who knows? It might just be your most fun and engaging adventure this year. Ymlaen!