We were quite excited by this news, but rather disappointed on hearing the ad itself, since Mrs Obama doesn’t actually speak any Spanish – subtitles provide the translation of her words into Spanish.

Cristina Saralegui, a Cuban-American talk show host who supports Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, poses questions in Spanish, which the first lady responds to in English. How disappointing!  Nearly 20% of the US population are of Hispanic origin, so wouldn’t it have been more impressive to have made the effort to learn some Spanish?

Here at la Academia we are big advocates of getting our students to “have a go”, and speaking Spanish in class helps build confidence and fluency.

You may not have a presidential election to win, but if you are looking to impress your overseas clients, suppliers, or even the locals on your next holiday in Spain, a course of Spanish lessons at our offices in Manchester can give you the confidence to go out and wow them!

Oh, and does anyone have Michelle Obama’s telephone number?