Soon-to-be travellers often like to take a deeper dive than simple ‘getting from A To B’ phrases in a different language. They want to learn another language to enhance their holiday experience, to save bumbling through like a caricature of a Brit abroad.

We say “good for you” for making the effort to hold your own when you’re out making memories in restaurants, bars and clubs abroad.

International Beer Day on 6th August is a timely reminder of that first ice cold beer of the holiday that’s never tasted so good. But you’ve got to order it before you can savour it.

So, let’s get straight to the nuts and bolts of why you’d want to learn another language and put it to good use with one of the most important phrases of your holiday –

  • French – Je voudrais une bière s’il vous plaît.
  • Spanish – Una cerveza, por favor.
  • Italian – Gradirei una birra, per favore.
  • Portuguese – “Uma cerveja por favor.
  • German – Ich hätte gern ein Weißbier, bitte.
  • Turkish – Bir bira lütfen.
  • Dutch – Een biertje, alstublieft.
  • Norwegian – En øl, takk.
  • Finnish – Kalja, kiitos.
  • Polish – Poproszę piwo.

In addition to getting a round in, there are elementary terms you’ll want to start off with when you learn another language before holidaying abroad. We’re referring to the beginners phrases you’ll remember if you had classes to learn another language at school.

Zest Car Rental includes a selection of these starter phrases in its Most Useful Phrases to Learn for Your Holiday Guide –

·        Hello / Goodbye
·        Please / Thank You
·        Excuse me / Pardon
·        Yes / No / Nor Sure
·        Where is…?
·        How much?
·        Help

At La Academia, we’re not suggesting you learn another language in its entirety before going away. That would be impossible – but be warned, once you start, it’s addictive.

Yet, with travel back on the agenda after a soul-destroying hiatus, folks are deciding it’s high time to learn another language to a workable level of fluency when they go abroad. We can’t wait to help.


The Most Useful Phrases to Learn for Your Holiday, Jessica Juby, Zest Car Rental