We’re really excited to announce our Flamenco dancing lessons for schools. Led by Latin dancing expert and enthusiast Teddy (Teodora), these sessions are proving really popular with our trial schools in Stockport and Manchester. Both boys and girls are enjoying learning an exciting new activity.

Teodora - Flamenco Teacher - la Academia

Flamenco is a traditional Spanish dance from Southern Spain. As well as the dance itself, Flamenco can include guitar playing, singing, hand clapping and finger clicking. It’s such a lively, energetic activity that children can really get into it.

Our early adopter schools are certainly finding that Flamenco gets their children up and ready to boogie! Research has shown that dancing improves children’s flexibility and confidence, and their concentration, which is something all schools are keen on. And as for the children, they are having fun and relaxing too – it’s a win-win situation!

Our teacher Teddy is a big hit with the children, who can see her enthusiasm and are keen to join in. Teddy says “I am one of those lucky people who work doing the thing that they love – Latin dance is my passion and I enjoy sharing that passion with my students”.  Teddy particularly enjoys teaching children, saying that dance activities in schools are great fun.

Do you know any school children who could do with some lively dancing to keep them alert, and get them up and out of their chairs? Or any schools that would like the benefits of improved concentration? We can run a series of Flamenco dancing sessions in your school, or introduce the children to Flamenco as part of our popular Spanish Days.

Contact la Academia on 0161 491 1444 or email us! We’ll send Teodora dancing in your direction!