Are you thinking about learning Chinese? If so, the new year is great time to get started. Like a New Year’s resolution.

Not the traditional Western new year celebrated on 31st December though. The Chinese New Year. This year it falls on Friday 12th February. And builds towards the Lantern Festival on the 26th.

Every year in the Chinese astrological calendar is symbolised by an animal and its assigned characteristics. 2021 is the Year of the Ox.

Ox characteristics

The male ox is critical, family-oriented, reliable, tenacious, trustworthy and full of self-confidence. He is renowned for having unrealistically high standards for others to live up to.

Famous male oxen include former US President Barack Obama. Iconic film maker Walt Disney. And Hollywood legends George Clooney and Jack Nicholson.

The female ox is calm, gentle, equitable, quick-thinking, single-minded and smart. Her chosen path may not be the easiest path to walk in life. But she will remain stoic, despite the challenges and obstacles she encounters.

Ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Diana, Princess of Wales. Pop culture Princess Kylie Jenner. And actress, activist and keep-fit phenomenon Jane Fonda are all female oxen.

But you don’t have to hold faith with the Chinese horoscope to be interested in learning Chinese. It’s one of the most important global languages that can benefit you personally and professionally.

Why is learning Chinese so popular?

It’s the world’s second language. Only the English language is spoken by more people around the planet:-

English language –

  • Number of speakers as a first language – 370 million
  • Number of speakers as a second language – 898.4 million
  • Total number of speakers 1.268 billion

Chinese language –

  • Number of speakers as a first language – 921 million
  • Number of speakers as a second language – 198.7 million
  • Total number of speakers 1.120 billion

Yet China is the largest exporter in the world. And the second largest economy (only behind America).

The ox’s outlook for learning Chinese in 2021 

Of course, you don’t have to be an ox yourself to start learning Chinese during the Chinese Year of the Ox.

But if you are an ox, here’s an astrological prediction to help with your educational journey this year…

‘Your work ethic makes you a consistent and persistent learner. Though you might find your progress more challenging than usual this year. If you got educational decisions to make, take your time. Choose wisely. You will reap rewards in the future if you make the right choice now.’

At La Academia, we’re the right choice for all astrological signs learning the Chinese language.

For individuals, we have a range of beginners, intermediate and advanced Chinese courses. In addition, we also offer business courses, with opportunities for group Chinese language learning online.


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